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James (Jim) Anderson Biography
(1942 - )

From The Book "Shearwater Pottery" By Dod Stewart

Jim Working At Wheel

Jim Anderson joined his father, Peter, at Shearwater Pottery in 1966. He and his father worked closely together for eighteen years. Like his father, Jim is a dedicated and focused artisan and craftsman. After his father died in 1984, Jim was the only potter at Shearwater until his son Peter Wade joined him in 1999. Jim continues to produce a large part of the pottery at Shearwater. Building on the fundamentals of Peter’s original glazes, Jim has continued to evolve Shearwater glazes and produce original glazes of his own creation.

Jim Anderson and his wife, Margaret, have two children Peter Wade, and Ellen. Jim and Margaret live on the Shearwater compound, and Jim is rarely far away from his wheel and the workshops.

Jim And Margaret 1990