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Shearwater Art Products

The essence of Shearwater Pottery appears in its wonderful array of glazes and glaze combinations. Paul E. Cox helped Peter Anderson in perfecting his glazes in the early years of Shearwater Pottery. When Peter married Pat Grinstead, she became the business manager and most ardent admirer of the pottery. Shoal, Wisteria, Spring Green and the other names she selected for many of the unique glazes reflected her admiration for the pottery her husband produced. Peter enjoyed experimenting with different glazes and color combinations, and that enjoyment has been handed down to both Jim and Peter Wade, who continue to produce new colors and unique one of a kind pieces. Below you will see Shearwater’s standard glaze offerings, but a trip to the Showroom will usually provide a glimpse of a new glaze or two.

In this “Shearwater Products” tab you will find a wide variety of the pottery finished in various glazes and stains. Most of the pieces shown in the products tab can be ordered in the glaze offerings depicted below. The pottery is functional and intended for day to day use. It is dishwasher safe, and can be used in the microwave and oven. As you peruse the pages, remember each glaze varies, and each piece is truly unique.

Brown #1

Brown #2


Dark Green

Dark Wisteria

Morning Glory



Shoal Wisteria

Brown with Shoal

Spring Green

White Enamel with Brown

White Enamel

White Enamel with Blue