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Fairy Tale Figurines

Androcles And The Lion - Underglaze

Dick Whittington - Underglaze

Don Quixote - Underglaze

Fairy Godmother With Wand - Underglaze

Frog Prince - Underglaze

Jack The Giant Killer - Underglaze

King And Queen On Horse - Rapunzel - Underglaze

King From Magic Carpet -

King With Wings - Cupid And Psyche - Underglaze

Man On Rooster - Sinbad And Roc - Underglaze

Mother Goose - Underglaze

Pied Piper - Underglaze

Puss N Boots - Underglaze

Queen From Magic Carpet - Underglaze

Rip Van Winkle - Underglaze

Sancho Panza and the Mule - Underglaze

Three Billy Goats Gruff - Underglaze

Dragon with Golden Apples (Hesperides) - Underglaze