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Human Forms

Allison -
Dark Green

Androcles And The Lion - Underglaze

Don Quixote - Underglaze

Godey Lady - Underglaze

King (From Magic Carpet) -

Lamp Base (2 Faced Woman On Horse) - Brown

May Bust -

Merry Drinkers - Underglaze

Mother With Child - Brown

Mother With Child - Underglaze

Mrs. Aspirin - Underglaze

Mr. Aspirin - Underglaze

Neptune -

Queen (From Magic Carpet) - Underglaze

Rip Van Winkle - Underglaze

Sancho Panza and the Mule -

Woman With Jar On Head Cut Off At Hips - Underglaze

Woman With Jar On Head With Big Feet - Underglaze

Vase (Tennis Vase) - Underglaze